Choosing a Dentist in North Palm Beach

Just like any doctor, choosing the right dentist in the North Palm Beaches can be a crucial decision. The right choice can produce many years of happy and healthy teeth for both you and your family. The wrong choice can result in a painful and expensive experience the longer time goes on.

Do not assume the basics, but ask the right questions up front.

  1. Do they have the proper education and experience behind them?
  2. Are they using the latest that technology has to offer you?
  3. Are the doctors and staff courteous and genuinely concerned for your needs?
  4. Is the practice clean and neat?
  5. How do you personally feel in the way they treat you? Do they truly listen and take the time to explain the procedures, giving you the comfort factor you are looking for?

At Dr. Krape Cosmetic Dentistry of the North Palm Beaches, you are not just another number. We know each and every one of our patients, and they continue to come back year after year. We get to meet new wives, husbands and their children as time goes on.

Quaint historical office for Dr. Krape Cosmetic Dentistry Office

Quaint historical office for Dr. Krape Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Krape – Cosmetic and Gentle Family Dentistry has served the Northern Palm Beaches since 1968. We currently have 5 Dentists to tend to all your needs. We utilize the latest state-of-the-art technologies, including low level X-rays, Dental Implants, Dentures, Bridges, Veneers, Root Canals, Crowns and of course all the latest teeth whitening techniques. See all of our procedure and treatment videos at: Procedure Videos

To schedule an appointment and get to know our great staff and doctors, please call: 561-257-2580, or schedule online at: Appointment