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what is a florida family dentistry?

Florida Family Dentistry | What Makes Family Dentists Different from General Dentists

If you’ve ever tried scheduling different dental appointments for you, your kids, and your partner, you probably know how tedious it is. Should you go for a general dentist or should you choose a family dentist to ease the hassle of scheduling appointments? Though dental services provided by family and general dentistry are often identical, they have a subtle difference. Florida Family dentistry practices are uniquely equipped to deal with the specific oral health needs of people of all ages.

Florida Family Dentistry vs. General Dentistry

General dentists help you maintain a healthy smile. While this is pretty much the objective of all dentists, a general dentist may restrict their patients to a specific age group while family dentists cater to patients of all ages. If your dentist won’t see patients younger than 16, then you will have to travel all over town to make a separate dental appointment for the young ones. This is time-consuming considering your busy schedule. The main difference between the two dental practices is that a family dentist provides dental procedures for all ages and provide dental services for your entire family in one convenient location.

Why Choose Family Dentistry

Aside from its convenience, choosing a family dentist will ensure you and your family members maintain good dental health care habits and they also offer excellent pediatric care. Family dentists are accustomed to working with kids and they help your kids gain a positive attitude toward dental visits and make them feel good about taking care of their teeth. Choosing a family dentist means you no longer have to deal with the hassle of setting up different appointments with different dentists for each of your family member’s specific dental needs.

what is a florida family dentistry?

Need to Get in Touch With a Family Dentist?

If you are considering the services of a Florida family dentistry for your family’s dental care needs, schedule an appointment with Dr. Krape Dentistry today. Our team is dedicated to providing professional and personalized dental care for your entire family. You will get the care you need when you walk through our doors.