Patient Reviews

Doctor Krape Cosmetic Dentistry loves to hear from his long time patients and their experinces...

I can't say enough about how good you all are. You can build a state of the art medical facility anywhere, but the people working in this building cannot be found just anywhere. Thank you for making us feel comfortable during all this time!

Brian Pandiscio, Owner
Pandiscio Design

Dr. Krape and all his staff treat you like family, they give you that confidence and reassurance that your dental needs are every bit as important as there own. And not once did I feel that they would encourage a procedure unless they felt I absolutely needed it.

Red Davies, Retired Coast Guard

I have been going to Dr. Krape Dentistry for 35 years and I have never once had a single complaint, they have always been consistent and I leave knowing my teeth are in the best hands ever!

Jeanine Gideon,